Mapleton Hill, Whittier, and Downtown Boulder

Boulder's historic Mapleton and Whittier districts serve as Rockwellian enclaves.

Welcome to Mapleton Hill, Whittier, and Downtown Boulder

Boulder's historic Mapleton and Whittier districts serve as Rockwellian enclaves filled with lovely streetscapes, historic architecture and walking-distance proximity to area amenities.
Mapleton Hill's history stretches back to the city's mining origins when smart developers planted hundreds of silver maple and cottonwood trees to beautify the area. Today, those stunning trees and the neighborhood's hilltop perch make it one of the prettiest places in all of Boulder. Designated as the Mapleton Hill Historic District in 1982, this community is home to Boulder's earliest schools, its first public library as well as the first major hospital in the entire region. The majority of the homes here are beautifully renovated 1895 to 1910 residences or newly constructed showplaces, creating an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary styles.
Just east of Mapleton Hill, Whittier features interesting brick and Victorian frame homes that date back to 1875, as well as newer single-family dwellings. At the south side of the neighborhood, there are abundant new-development condominiums and apartment buildings. This lively mix of old and new gives the community a somewhat quirky sensibility perhaps best illustrated by the fact that it features the famed "Mork & Mindy" house.
The newly reopened Mapleton School serves preschool and kindergarten children, while Whittier is home to the historical Whittier Elementary, the oldest continually operating school in the entire state. Whittier Elementary is also an International Baccalaureate School. Older students attend Casey Middle and Boulder High schools.
Equally attractive to graduate students, young families and longtime residents, these historic neighborhoods boast a wide appeal thanks in large part to their direct proximity to the famous Pearl Street Mall. They also enjoy easy walking and biking access to the farmers market, single-track trails such as Mount Sanitas and Boulder Creek Path, as well as the wide-reaching Sanitas Valley Trail System.


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